Toys Your Little Will Love (And You Won't Mind Seeing All Over Your House)

Toys Your Little Will Love (And You Won't Mind Seeing All Over Your House)

If you have some last minute Christmas shopping, or just want to bookmark for later, this list has shop toys that your littles will love and you won’t mind seeing all over your house even when you have put them away one million and ten times. These beautiful and thoughtful toys are a hit with kids and make even Chip and Joanna swoon over your play area.

Tree Fort Toys

IG: treeforttoys

Tree Fort Toys is a small shop run by Amy Richards in Victoria, Canada and she has beautiful wood toys, educational games and personalized gifts! I love this personalized wooden bowling set starting at only $20!


Pink Violet Dolls (PVDolls)

IG: pvdolls

Pink Violet Dolls is a small shop run by Yanaira in Cypress, Texas and she has lovely handmade dolls and toys! I adore this unique and whimsical Princess Fawn doll for $65!


Camille Lundy Designs

IG: camillelundydesigns

Camille Lundy Designs offers heirloom toys and dolls made in the USA. I just love these Holiday Fairy Wands designed by AdalineAndTheFairies and they are only $21.50!


Wood and Care


Wood and Care is a small shop run by Alex in Moscow, Russia that offers unique handmade wooden toys! I think this Wooden Bear Rattle is just the sweetest!


Blue Skies and Begonias

IG: blueskiesandbegonias

Blue Skies and Begonias is a small shop run by Brianna and she sells handmade teethers! I just love that you can customize them and they start at $10!


My Darling Bunny

IG: mydarlingbunny

My Darling Bunny is a small shop run by Zilya in Russia and she creates detailed one of a kind stuffed toys! I just love her items because they are so unique and wonderfully made! I think this Blue Deer is so sweet and he’s only $50 with free shipping!


Moon Child Co.


Moon Child Co. is a small shop run by Ashley Mitchell that sells beautiful made to order loveys attached to wooden teethers! I really love this Flower Rose one that is only $28!


Bannor Toys

IG: bannortoys

Bannor Toys offers heirloom modern wooden toys made in Iowa! I just love this Pretend Wooden Cash Register for $99.99!


Grits N Gravy Farmstead

IG: gritsngravyfarmstead

Grits N Gravy Farmstead is a small shop run by artisan Beth Gates and she creates crochet animal dolls! I love this Crochet Deer Lovey and he’s about 18” tall and handmade with love!


Tato & Toddle Toys

IG: tatoandtoddle

Tato and Toddle is a small shop run by Michelle Maushak and she makes beautifully crafted wood blocks, toys and pull toys! I just adore this Scenic Wonderland 12 piece set for only $48!


Ryan & Rose Co.

IG: ryanandrose

Ryan & Rose is a small shop run by Lindsey Ferrell and she offers the Cutie PAT, Cutie Clips and even bows and mini swaddles in her shop! I just love this Teether Rattle for only $12!


My Pretty Peggy

IG: myprettypeggy

My Pretty Peggy is a small shop run by artist Erin in Massachusetts and she makes hand painted peg dolls! I really love this Peg Doll Nativity set and it’s handmade with nontoxic paint and sealer and only $45!


Baby Jives & Co.

IG: babyjives

Baby Jives & Co. is a small shop run by Jahje Ives and she offers whimsical mobiles and other handmade goodies! I just love this Luxe Pink Star Cloud mobile starting at $108!


Heirloom Kids

IG: heirloomkids

Heirloom Kids offers Montessori-inspired toys handmade in the USA with safe, non-toxic materials! I really love this Six Piece Chunky Shape Puzzle for $29.99 and it’s sealed with a beeswax/oil blend!


Wood and Watercolour

IG: woodandwatercolour

Wood and Watercolour is a small shop run by maker MariaVlas in Russia and she offers painted wooden toys! I really think this Ice Cream Stacking Toy is so adorable for only $19!


Lavender & Linen

IG: lavenderandlinen

Lavender and Linen is a small shop run by Kendra and she creates handmade dolls and doll clothes! I love this unique and detailed lace pinafore for a doll and it’s only $14!


Stella & Lu


Stella & Lu is a small shop that creates handmade loveys and other unique items! I love that she has TONS of ready to ship loveys in stock to pick from! I love this Pine Tree lovey and it’s only $28 and free shipping in the US!


Manzanita Kids

IG: manzanitakids

Manzanita Kids is run by Adrienne and David and they have sustainable, heirloom wood toys and they make them in Seattle! I really love their Stencils because you just don’t see toys like that anymore! They are made from baltic birch ply and only $4!


Monster & Eli

IG: monster_and_eli

Monster & Eli is a small shop run by Monica and she creates unique soft toys and loveys! I love this Midnight Bigfoot mini monster and he’s ready to ship and only $56!