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This week, Riley started to play with the water during bathtime.  She used to sit in there with a confused look on her face waiting for it to be over.  I would put a couple of toys in the bath, but she would not move.  When I made this flower bath for her, she immediately started splashing the water and picking up the flowers. Before I know it, she will be doing bathtime all by herself.  She grows faster and faster every single day.  I am loving every minute of it. 


During pregnancy, I made sure I had diapers, a car seat, stroller, basinet.  Something I did not think about was bath time.  So, for Riley’s first few baths I used what I had on hand.  I received a few soaps and lotions from well-known “organic” brands as baby shower gifts.  They did the job, but they left Riley’s skin extremely dry.  I checked the ingredients of the products I was using.  They all had fragrances, dyes, and other ingredients that aren’t necessarily bad, but they are not necessary. In our case, the extra ingredients made Riley’s ultra-sensitive skin break out in dry patches and rashes.

I couldn’t avoid bathtime.  I needed to find a solution.  I needed to know what is in the products I was applying to my sweet little girl.  One choice was to DIY baby soap and lotion.  After some research, I realized it was much more work than I could handle while finishing law school, taking care of my home, and nursing a newborn.  That and I am no good at DIY.  Let’s just say it was the former.


Then came Urban Oreganics.  I stumbled upon the brand on Instagram.  I started following their Instagram stories, joined the VIP Facebook page, and read through their website.  The owner of Urban Oreganics was, and still is, super transparent about her business, ingredients, and values.  The Urban Oreganics website states the ingredients and benefits of the products.  When I bought the Baby Care Set, I knew I could trust that my baby was using 100% natural ingredients.


Baby Butter, Baby Wash, Baby Oil

Baby Butter, Baby Wash, Baby Oil

I am not disappointed!  We have been exclusively using Urban Oreganics products on Riley for about two months.  I saw a huge improvement after using the baby shampoo + wash for the first time.  Riley’s dry patches significantly lessened and it have only gotten better.  The baby butter is a must have for any family.  It works for diaper rashes, pregnancy bellies, and as a moisturizing body lotion.  The baby oil is perfect for cradle cap treatment or as a full body moisturizer.  If you have a baby with sensitive skin, want to use natural ingredients, or are looking for vegan products get the Baby Care set.  It has baby shampoo + wash, baby butter, and baby oil.

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 Updated: 09/07/2018

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